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Private Bodyguard Services

At VIS Protection, we offer comprehensive bodyguard services tailored to the personal security needs of high-net-worth individuals, families, and public figures. Our offices in London and Dublin position us strategically to cover all areas of the UK and Ireland, and our capabilities extend to providing security on a global scale, accompanying our clients worldwide.

Whether you seek a private bodyguard for hire to ensure your personal safety or the safety of your loved ones, our team of ex-military and ex-police bodyguards are trained to the highest SIA standards, ready to offer the utmost protection. Our bodyguard services include personal bodyguard services for daily activities, special events, and international travel, ensuring that wherever you are, your security is never compromised.

Our Bodyguard Services

At VIS Protection, we provide a wide array of bodyguard services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether they require close protection, discreet surveillance, or secure travel arrangements. Below is a detailed list of the bodyguard services we offer, each tailored to provide security and peace of mind for individuals, families, and businesses of high net worth.


Personal Bodyguard Services

Daily Personal Protection: Ideal for clients who require constant security to safeguard their everyday activities.


Family Security: Tailored services to protect family members, especially children, both at home and in public spaces.


Executive Protection: Customised for corporate executives and high-profile business persons who face unique security threats.

Event Security

Private Events: Comprehensive security solutions for private gatherings, weddings, and parties to ensure the safety of all guests and hosts without compromising the privacy and enjoyment of the event.

Corporate Functions: Dedicated services to manage the safety at high stakes corporate events including conferences, shareholder meetings, and executive retreats.

Public Appearances: Protection for high-profile individuals during public engagements to manage crowds and mitigate threats.

Residential Security

Estate Protection: Full-time security services designed to protect residences, especially in high-risk areas or for high-value properties.

Temporary Security Instalments: For clients who need temporary but robust security arrangements during specific threats or events at their home.

Travel Security

International Travel Protection: Ensuring safety during international trips with tailored travel plans that include pre-travel advisories and on-ground protective services.

Transport Security: Secure transit for clients between locations with protected vehicles tailored to threat level and client preferences.

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Who Might Require Our Services?

Our bodyguard services are designed for individuals and organisations who face significant security concerns due to their status, location, or specific situations. This includes but is not limited to:

High Net Worth Individuals:

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals with significant personal wealth seeking to protect themselves and their families.

Celebrities and Public Figures:

Actors, footballer, musicians, and public personalities who attract attention and require privacy and protection from overzealous fans or paparazzi.

Corporate Executives:

Professionals at the helm of major corporations who may be exposed to security threats based on their business dealings or corporate positions.


Those looking to secure their homes and safeguard their children's daily activities, particularly in high-profile or wealthy families.

Political Dignitaries:

Elected officials and diplomats who require security for both routine and critical diplomatic functions.

International Travellers:

Individuals traveling to high-risk destinations or who require secure transport and logistical planning to ensure their journey remains safe.

Each service is customised to the client's individual needs and circumstances, ensuring that we provide the most effective and efficient protection possible. Whether you require a subtle presence or a comprehensive security detail, VIS Protection has the expertise to deliver top-tier security solutions.

Our Locations

We provide private bodyguard services to our select clientele all over the UK and Ireland including Central and Greater London, the Home Counties, Manchester, Cheshire, Dublin and Belfast.

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