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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

VIS Protection (VIS) and partners are able to offer you high definition home security with one of our HD CCTV packages, which can be tailored to suit your home security needs. Record true colour daytime images and crisp monochrome night-time images, capturing all the detail you need.

VIS can develop the ‘security concept’ for a major house or estate. This will include the identification of specific areas of threat and vulnerability, overlapping technical systems, client and staff access control process. We can then assist in working with the nominated installers to develop an agreed specification. VIS can assist in the commissioning process of the security system by running technical and real penetration tests.

Frequently VIS provide physical security to a clients properties which have expensive security systems fitted which either do not provide coverage of key vulnerabilities or which have been poorly set up/designed.

As an independent advisor to the client, VIS Protection can assist by ensuring that the systems are appropriate to the threat, are future proofed and which work with the security/staff procedures in place.

LONDON: Suite 2775, Unit 3A, 34-35 Hatton Garden, Holborn, London, EC1N 8DX


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