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Updated: Nov 3, 2023


Hostile reconnaissance is the term given to the information-gathering phase conducted by those individuals or groups with malicious intent, it is a vital component of the terrorist or criminal planning process.

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) defines hostile reconnaissance as “Purposeful observation with the intention of collecting information to inform the planning of a hostile act against a specific target.” Generally, the more sophisticated the attack, the more complex the attack planning, and consequently the greater the information requirement and reconnaissance need.

The information gathered is typically used by hostiles to assess security and likelihood of detection; to assess vulnerabilities in security and the likelihood of success. Information about a site or event may be gained through online research, conducting on-site visits and where possible, through insider knowledge.

The hostile will try to obtain detailed information to sufficiently inform their method of attack and increase the likelihood of success.

A VIS Protection security team with Military or Police training will be able to spot hostile surveillance, they will understand what is normal, taking the time to understand your working environment, your regular commute, your daily routine and the people and activities you see most often.

The reporting procedures that VIS use are the same as the police, making it easier for the police to react to a situation and gain results.

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