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Protective Intelligence

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Protective intelligence is an investigative and analytical process used by security to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate threats to our clients. For protective intelligence to be effective, we must implement a level of continually monitoring while observing any behavioral anomalies that may present themselves.

When it comes to situational awareness the old British Military methodology of “Absence of the normal and presence of the abnormal” is a great example for security teams to follow whilst going about their daily duties.

“Spidey Sense”

It’s something that the British military have been talking about for decades, from our knowledge at least from Northern Ireland in the 70’s and 80’s and the American military have been talking about it since Iraq in 2006.

In a nutshell it is the feeling you get or when your hairs stand up when something is about to happen, it seems to be your brains early warning, picking up on atmospherics that you have not processed yet, we were always taught in the military to stop and adjust when we got this feeling and it has proved over the years that this has been a life saver.

From obvious scenarios in theaters such as Afghanistan to the streets and countryside of Northern Ireland.

On a normal day in Helmand, Afghanistan at 10:00 a street would normally be busy, to a day at 10:00 the same street would be empty, this could be an indication that a possible I.E.D is in the area or a possible attack imminent.

An example from Northern Ireland in the 70’s on a summers day where a soldier had an uneasy feeling on a normally quiet street and chose to stop, double back and choose another route, even though he didn’t realise at the time, the curtains had been drawn and widows closed on a lot of the houses in the street, only later to find out that a device had been defused in the same location.

If this is used in the security industry, it could also save lives and add to the intelligence picture.

During an attack cycle, with any form of criminal there is always an aspect of reconnaissance that a good well trained security team should be able to spot, whether it’s an opportunist burglar that will always walk past the target property a few times to the largest of terrorist attacks that take years of planning. If you look hard enough over a period of time at all the collated information along with the clients threat assessment it will give you a bigger picture.

This is why at VIS Protection we recruit Military Veterans and Retired Police, you cannot put a price on experience, security awareness cannot be taught in a book, it is born out of experience, experience that has taken many years to obtain in different theaters around the world.

Most of our operatives have decades of experience in the Military, Police Service and Private Security, they have spent a career putting themselves at risk to protect others, this is why the premium service that you require comes at a big cost but this cost is always cheaper than losing your priceless assets through theft or possibly a worse scenario involving a life.

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