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The use of drones for estate security is becoming increasingly popular, It has been assessed that drone usage can have a phycological effect on terrorists or criminal elements conducting hostile reconnaissance on a location, drones can launch without notice and without setting patterns covering large areas much more quickly than any foot or mobile patrol.

When visibility is limited by bad weather or obstacles our drones with thermographic cameras are able to detect heat and motion,

A security team equipped with drone capabilities means the team can see far beyond the perimeter of a property they are protecting.

Drones are able to:

  • Orbit a defined route

  • Carry cameras of virtually any capability

  • Be assigned to follow a pre-programmed person

  • Are GPS programmable

  • Provide live feeds to tablets or other mobile devices

  • Be controlled by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

  • Be assembled quickly and easily making them the ultimate mobile surveillance tool

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