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Elite Private Security in Manchester: Protecting What Matters Most

Specialised Protection for High Net Worth Individuals, Families, and Businesses

Do You Worry About the Safety of Your Family, Home, or Business in Manchester?

You're concerned about potential threats such as burglary, personal attacks, or privacy breaches.

You fear for your family's safety, particularly the threat of harm or abduction, especially when they are traveling or in less secure environments.

You are aware of vulnerabilities in your current security system, which may be outdated or inadequate against sophisticated threats.

You worry about the increased risk of targeted thefts or home invasions due to your high-profile status or valuable possessions.

You are cautious about maintaining confidentiality and are concerned about potential electronic eavesdropping or cyber breaches impacting your personal and business privacy.

You need security measures that are both discreet and effective whether you're at home or away.

If so, VIS Protection can provide comprehensive private security services tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose VIS Protection for Private Security in Manchester?

  • Veteran-owned and operated by former British Military personnel with over 46 years of combined experience.

  • All operatives are ex-military or ex-police and trained to the highest SIA standards.

  • Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award recipients and part of the Defence Employers Recognition Scheme.

  • Discreet and professional services tailored to high net worth individuals, families, and businesses.

  • Trusted by some of the top 10 wealthiest people in the world, members of the British royal family, diplomats, and embassies.


Our Private Security Services in Manchester

Comprehensive and Customised Solutions for Ultimate Peace of Mind
Luxurious Mansion

Residential Security

Protect your home and family with tailored residential security solutions

​Services Include:

  • Private estate security

  • Residential security guards

  • Residential security patrols

  • Penetration testing and gap analysis

Close Protection & Bodyguard Services

Ensure personal safety with our close protection and bodyguard services.

Services include:​

  • Personal bodyguards

  • Travel security

  • VIP and executive protection

  • Event security

High Value Security Escort.jpg
Close protection

Corporate Security

Safeguard your business interests and assets with bespoke corporate security.

​Services Include:

  • Corporate espionage protection

  • Business estate security

  • Employee and visitor screening

  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance

Dublin Ireland

Trusted Private Security Services in Manchester

Our Local Knowledge Enhances Your Protection

VIS Protection's presence in Manchester enables us to understand the city's unique security landscape. We maintain strategic partnerships with local law enforcement and security agencies to ensure proactive and efficient protection. Our tailored risk assessments, based on local crime trends and individual client profiles, enable us to deliver security solutions perfectly customised to your needs. With extensive experience safeguarding affluent neighbourhoods like Didsbury, Chorlton, Hale, and Altrincham, we provide unparalleled protection for your family, home, and business.

Our Process...

Step 1: Get In Touch

Reach out to us by phone or complete our online contact form to initiate a consultation.

Step 2: Client Meeting

Preferably done in person, or if not via video call, the client meeting is where we obtain the in-depth operational information we need from you and get to understand your needs more.

Step 3: Threat Assessments

Our experts conduct a thorough assessment to identify potential threats to you and your home such as corporate espionage, kidnapping, robbery, and travel risks.

Step 4: Risk Assessments

We evaluate the likelihood and potential impact of identified threats on you and your estate. This helps prioritise security measures and ensures that every aspect of your protection is meticulously planned and executed.

Step 5: Vulnerability Assessments

We analyse the findings from our tests to pinpoint weaknesses and areas for enhancement. When needed, through penetration testing (or gap analysis), we can  simulate breaches to identify vulnerabilities in your current security setup.

Step 6: Determine Budgets and Safeguards

We work closely with you to establish a realistic budget and identify appropriate security safeguards that meet your specific needs. This ensures a comprehensive and fully customised security plan that delivers maximum protection while remaining cost-effective.

Step 7: Implementation

Our team works closely with you to implement the security plan, ensuring every detail is perfected to your satisfaction.

Step 8: Ongoing Support & Adjustment

We provide continuous support and make necessary adjustments to adapt to evolving threats or changes in your lifestyle.

Partner with VIS Protection and Experience:

Enhanced Security and Safety:

Tailored protection for your family, home, and business.

Peace of Mind:

Rest easy knowing you're safeguarded by the best.

Trusted Partnership:

A dedicated team committed to your security needs.

Discreet and Professional Service:

Highly trained professionals ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

country house

Enjoy uninterrupted safety for your family and secure protection for your assets. Reduce risk with our proactive security measures, ensuring rapid response and resolution to any threats.

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