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Close protection

Close Protection Services

Elite Close Protection Services for Your Ultimate Safety and Peace of Mind

At VIS Protection, we provide top-tier close protection services to ensure the safety and peace of mind of high-profile individuals, families, and businesses. Our experienced close protection officers are trained to the highest standards, ready to handle any threat with professionalism and discretion.

What Is Close Protection?

Close protection, often referred to as executive protection, involves providing security to individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk due to their status, wealth, occupation, or other factors. This service includes personal security detail, risk assessment, and planning to prevent potential threats.

Close Protection Officer
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Who Needs Close Protection Services?

Close protection services are essential for high-net-worth individuals, VIPs, celebrities, executives, diplomats, and anyone who faces significant personal risk. These services are particularly crucial during public appearances, travel, and high-profile events.


At VIS Protection, we have years of experience providing close protection services to a wide spectrum of clientele. From Premiership footballers, diplomats, UHNW individuals and even the British Royal Family.

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Are Close Protection Officers (CPOs) The Same As Bodyguards (IBGs)?

While bodyguarding and close protection both aim to ensure personal safety, close protection encompasses a broader scope of services, including detailed planning, risk assessment, and coordination with other security measures. Close protection officers are highly trained professionals who manage complex security needs with precision.

Is Close Protection The Same As Executive Protection?

Close protection and executive protection are terms often used interchangeably with executive protection often being the term most used in the United States. Both involve comprehensive security strategies to safeguard individuals at risk. Executive protection typically refers to corporate settings, protecting business leaders and executives, while close protection can apply to a wider range of individuals.

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Why Choose VIS Protection for Close Protection Services?

  • Veteran-owned and operated by former British Military personnel with over 46 years of combined experience.

  • All operatives are military or police veterans and trained to the highest SIA standards.

  • Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award recipients and part of the Defence Employers Recognition Scheme.

  • Discreet and professional services tailored to high net worth individuals, families, and businesses.

  • Trusted by some of the top 10 wealthiest people in the world, members of the British Royal Family, diplomats, and embassies.


Our Close Protection Services

Personal Security Detail

Our close protection officers provide 24/7 personal security, ensuring your safety at all times, whether you are at home, at work, or on the move.

Travel Security

Our travel security services include advance planning, secure transportation, and real-time monitoring to protect you during both domestic and international trips.

Event Security

Our team manages all aspects of event security, from entry control to crowd management, ensuring the safety of all attendees at high-profile gatherings.

Risk & Threat Assessment

We conduct comprehensive risk and threat assessments to identify potential dangers and develop strategic plans to mitigate these risks effectively.

Secure Transportation

We offer secure transportation services with highly trained drivers and equipped vehicles to ensure your safe and efficient travel.

Residential Security

We provide robust residential security solutions, including on-site security personnel and advanced surveillance systems, to protect your home and family.

It was an honour to have VIS protection supporting us again and always great to see them interact with our guests, building a meaningful and long lasting relationship with them and us.

- Alys ICC London

Our Locations

Our Locations

We provide close protection bodyguard services to our select clientele all over the UK and Ireland including Central and Greater London,Essex and the rest of the Home Counties, BirminghamManchester, Cheshire, Dublin and Belfast.

  • What training do close protection officers have?
    Our close protection officers are highly trained professionals, all with backgrounds in military or law enforcement. They undergo rigorous training in threat assessment, defensive tactics, and emergency response, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle any situation. All of our operatives are also trained to the highest SIA standards.
  • What is close protection?
    Close protection involves providing comprehensive security to individuals who may be at risk due to their high-profile status, wealth, or occupation. This service includes personal security, risk assessments, and planning to prevent potential threats.
  • Who needs close protection services?
    Close protection services are essential for high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, business executives, diplomats, and anyone facing significant personal risk. These services are especially crucial during public appearances, travel, and at high-profile events.
  • Is close protection the same as bodyguarding?
    A bodyguard is the term most used in the UK when you think of close protection services. While close protection includes the duties of a bodyguard, it also encompasses broader security measures such as risk assessments, advance planning, and coordination with other security measures, ensuring a comprehensive approach to personal safety.
  • Is close protection the same as executive protection?
    Close protection and executive protection are often used interchangeably, with executive protection generally being the term most used in the United States. However, executive protection typically refers to safeguarding business leaders and executives, whereas close protection can apply to a wider range of high-profile individuals.
  • How do I hire a close protection officer (CPO)?
    To hire a close protection officer, you can start by contacting our team at VIS Protection for a consultation. We will assess your needs, provide recommendations, and develop a customised security plan tailored to your specific budget and requirements.
  • How does close protection differ from regular security services?
    Close protection is a specialised field focused on protecting individuals from specific threats. It involves detailed planning, personalised security measures, and continuous monitoring, unlike regular security services which may be more general and less tailored to individual needs.
  • What can I expect during a close protection operation?
    During a close protection operation, you can expect a thorough assessment of potential risks, detailed planning to mitigate those risks, and continuous, discreet protection by our highly trained operatives. Your safety and privacy will always be our top priority.
  • What is covert surveillance?
    Covert surveillance involves discreet monitoring of individuals or locations to gather information without their knowledge. This can include visual surveillance, electronic monitoring, and other investigative techniques to uncover illicit activities or potential threats.
  • Who needs covert surveillance services?
    Covert surveillance services are often essential for high-net-worth individuals, businesses, and families who need to monitor potential threats, verify suspicions, or gather evidence discreetly. These services are crucial in situations involving corporate espionage, infidelity suspicions, and protecting personal assets.
  • What techniques are used in covert surveillance?
    Some of our techniques include visual surveillance with discreet camera systems, electronic monitoring of communications, undercover operations where operatives blend into environments, and GPS tracking to monitor movements in real-time.
  • How discreet are your surveillance operations?
    Our surveillance operations are conducted with the utmost discretion. Our operatives are trained to avoid detection, ensuring that the subjects of the surveillance are unaware of the monitoring activities.
  • How do you ensure the legality of your surveillance methods?
    We strictly adhere to all legal regulations and guidelines for surveillance. Our methods are designed to comply with local, national, and international laws to ensure that all gathered evidence is legally admissible.
  • What kind of reports will I receive from a covert surveillance operation?
    Depending on the goal of the specific operation, you will receive detailed reports that may include collected data, visual evidence, and analysis of the findings. We provide comprehensive documentation to support any legal or personal actions you may need to take.
  • How long does a typical covert surveillance operation last?
    The duration of a covert surveillance operation varies based on the specific needs and objectives of the client. It can range from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the situation.
  • Can covert surveillance be combined with other security services?
    Yes, covert surveillance can be integrated with other private security services such as close protection, residential security, and risk assessments. This holistic approach ensures comprehensive security and protection tailored to your unique needs.
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