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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

All of our close protection operatives are mature, courteous and reliable, SIA licensed, former military or retired police service. we pride ourselves on our selection process and make sure that the right group of people are handpicked for each individual client.

Gaining an understanding of the specific risks to each of our clients and their organisations is essential in effectively mitigating the risks. We have extensive experience in delivering close protection and consultancy to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) their families and business.

Pre attack surveillance is always carried out by a criminal organization with hostile intent.

  • Blackmail

  • Armed Robbery/Robbery

  • Kidnap and Ransom

  • Fraud

Now these are just a few of the possible threats that you could face, however really look at the above list and analyse each one, think of the personal mental trauma that this would cause to you and your family members if you were to suffer any one of these.

What can a VIS Protection security team provide?

Close Protection teams, which offer, "un-invasive," and "layered," protection are especially useful for people who live in more rural areas, out of reach of a rapid police response.

Close Protection Services:

  • Ex-Military and Police Close Protection trained specialists.

  • Surveillance trained and aware.

  • VIP advanced drivers

  • Residential security specialists.

  • 24hr Emergency Medical Response

  • Incident management

  • Emergency service liaison

  • Regular risk assessments and vulnerability study.

  • Cyber security and online personal security advise

All of the above security services and more can be conducted by one of our teams that are discreet, polite and unobtrusive, they can keep a low profile, not drawing attention to your family whilst appearing highly professional to any potentially aware attacker.

A VIS close protection team can detect, confirm and counter any hostile surveillance operations against their clients.

One of our government trained covert surveillance teams can be available to you if you already believe that you have come to the attention of a criminal organization or team.

Government level surveillance team

We can subtly deploy a team to conduct covert surveillance on the people that you believe are watching you.

At VIS Protection our Close Protection and Surveillance teams are amongst the best in the business and would be an asset to any client.

For more information on our security services please contact us on:

London Office: Suite 2775, Unit 3A, 34-35 Hatton Garden, Holborn, London, EC1N 8DX


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