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The Rising Threat: Footballers' Vulnerability to Organised Crime and the Role of VIS Protection

In recent years, the world of professional football has witnessed a concerning trend: an increasing number of footballers finding themselves targeted in burglaries and robberies carried out by organised criminal gangs. These incidents not only pose a risk to the safety and well-being of the players but also raise questions about the effectiveness of their existing security measures. In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind this vulnerability and explain how VIS Protection, with its team of military and police veterans, can play a pivotal role in identifying hostile reconnaissance and deterring criminals from selecting footballers as potential victims.

The Motivation behind Targeting Footballers:

There are several factors that make footballers attractive targets for organised criminal gangs. Firstly, their lavish lifestyles, high-profile status, and wealth often draw attention, making it easier for criminals to identify potential victims. Additionally, footballers are frequently away from home due to their busy traveling schedules, leaving their residences unoccupied for extended periods. This creates an opportune window for criminals to plan and execute burglaries with a reduced risk of confrontation.

The Importance of Hostile Reconnaissance:

Criminal organisations engaged in targeting footballers often employ a process known as hostile reconnaissance. This involves gathering intelligence on potential victims and their properties before executing a crime. By monitoring the players' movements, daily routines, and identifying vulnerabilities in their security measures, criminals can develop well-informed strategies to maximise their chances of success.

VIS Protection's Military and Police Veterans:

VIS Protection is uniquely positioned to safeguard footballers and their families from such criminal activities. The company's team comprises highly trained and experienced military and police veterans who possess a deep understanding of security protocols, risk assessment, and proactive threat mitigation strategies. Leveraging this expertise, VIS Protection can play a vital role in identifying signs of hostile reconnaissance, effectively deterring criminals, and ensuring the safety of its clients.

Combatting Hostile Reconnaissance:

VIS Protection's approach involves implementing a comprehensive security plan tailored to each footballer's specific needs. By conducting thorough security assessments of their residences, the VIS team can identify potential vulnerabilities. These assessments include evaluation of existing security systems, perimeter surveillance, and home automation technologies, ensuring an enhanced level of protection.

Furthermore, utilising their law enforcement background, the VIS team can monitor and analyse suspicious activities in the vicinity of a footballer's residence, thus identifying potential threats before they materialise. Proactive monitoring, coupled with intelligence analysis, helps VIS Protection stay one step ahead of criminal organisations, minimising the risk of burglaries and robberies.

Enhancing Personal Security:

VIS Protection can also collaborate with footballers' personal security teams, providing additional layers of protection. By coordinating efforts and sharing intelligence, both teams can work together to create a formidable security network. This collaborative approach enables VIS Protection to support and augment existing security measures, creating an environment that actively discourages criminals from targeting footballers.


The increasing number of footballers falling victim to organised criminal gangs highlights the urgent need for enhanced security measures. By partnering with VIS Protection, footballers can leverage the expertise of military and police veterans to identify and prevent hostile reconnaissance, thereby deterring criminals from selecting them as potential victims. With a tailored security plan, proactive monitoring, and collaboration with personal security teams, VIS Protection aims to provide peace of mind, allowing footballers to focus on their careers without the constant fear of criminal activities.

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