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Why are High Net Worth Individuals still not investing in good quality security?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

High profile and high net worth people really need to invest in their personal and residential security before it’s too late.

The UK police are great at how they deal with these situations as you can see by the link bellow, It’s just not realistic to believe that the police can provide protection for life and property to everybody in the UK at all times.

May 2020, during the first lockdown, one of the gang, pretended to be a delivery driver and rang the doorbell at about 9.30pm at the family's home in East London, a man can be seen approaching the front door dressed in a delivery driver uniform and carrying a parcel.

As the owner went to take the parcel, he was told "no, Covid", and the driver placed it on the floor whilst bending down to retrieve it, he was violently attacked by the man who then ran into the house with a knife, while three hooded figures followed with their weapons drawn.

Violent home invasions and robberies are becoming increasingly common and are on the rise in London and the home counties, a lot of the time people are just not hearing about it unless it's of a celebrity or person with a public image.

The High Net Worth clients that VIS currently protect are made aware of the different standards of security and the benefits of experienced close protection operatives (CPO's) over people that have a door supervisors or standard security licenses, that isn't to say that people with these licenses are not good at what they do, they are not legally allowed to take on the roll of close protection (CP) and are not trained in CP duties.

The differences between CP and DS.

DS: are mainly trained in conflict management and physical intervention skills and this is due to them dealing with members of the public in venues that sell alcohol, this course is delivered over a maximum of 5 days

CP: now have to conduct the same above training in physical intervention and conflict management but also are trained in a minimum of the following depending on the which course they have attended:

  • Close Protection Roles and Responsibilities

  • Practical Close Protection Exercises

  • Legislation

  • Personal and Professional skills

  • Reconnaissance

  • Threat Assessment and Risk Management

  • Search Procedures

  • Surveillance Awareness

  • Foot Drills

  • Practical Surveillance Exercises

  • Journey Management

  • Route Planning

  • Venue Security

  • Terror Threat Awareness Training

  • Level 3 First Aid

This is the absolute minimum required to get a CP license over "roughly 21 days" in house course , many course providers also cover the following:

  • Tactical Driving

  • Unarmed Combat/Self-Defence

  • Operational Planning

  • Media Training

  • Reaction to Attack

  • Cyber Awareness

One of the various government trained courses provide months of training to Police Teams and Military Teams and are classed as the best in the world.

On task

The threat is the threat as outlined in the initial assessment however the effects of that threat can change with the risk and this needs to be continually managed by a trained CPO, it is not reasonable to believe that one person with a DS license sat on your drive could possibly have the ability to deal with all of your security situations.

  • Threat Assessment

  • Risk Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessment

At VIS Protection we use Experienced CPO's, what we mean by this is not that they simply hold a CP license but they have a Military/Police background or a vast experience in the close protection industry, our employees are mature, well mannered and an asset to each client that we protect.

Yes Close Protection is expensive, but you would be surprised to hear that many companies are charging the same for DS staff ask for a quote for a specific task and see for yourself, you then can decide if you want to have a fully trained security operative to protect your family and business.

London Office: Suite 2775, Unit 3A, 34-35 Hatton Garden, Holborn, London, EC1N 8DX


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