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Advantages of good physical security

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

There are many advantages of good physical security, the most important of which is the prevention of crime. Good physical security can help to keep criminals out of your building, deter crime, and protect your employees and property.

Good physical security services can also help to reduce insurance costs. Insurance companies often offer discounts to businesses that have a good security system in place.

You can have a strict technical security system in place, with alarms and cameras. However this is unlikely to stop people from entering your property, although your security system maybe robust it is not foolproof and cannot stop people with an intent to gain access.

In addition, good physical security services can have a positive effect on employee morale. Employees feel safer and more secure when they know that their workplace is protected by a good security team. This can help to improve employee morale and make them more productive, It is a valuable investment that is well worth the cost.

Good top tier security can provide your family or business, a high level of medical care, at VIS Protection our close protection licensed operatives have a minimum medical training of level 3 First Responder, from a business stand point it is essential to have staff that are medically trained to provide first aid and CPR in the event of an emergency, they can help monitor employees health and provide guidance on preventing illness.

VIS Protection offer Risk Management Consultants to businesses across the globe, government projects, mining operations and oil and gas.

What VIS provide:

  • Risk Management

  • High Risk Environment security teams

  • Close Protection

  • Asset Protection

  • VIP travel

  • Security drivers

  • Crisis Management

  • Evacuation planning

  • Security training teams

  • 24hr Incident response

  • Medical cover

We are Veteran owned and Veteran run, bespoke Risk Management company that offer an intimate personal touch that the larger corporations have forgotten.

As a client you will always have access to a director that can change aspects of the contract when and where needed, One of our directors will oversee each project from start to finish.

London Office: Suite 2775, Unit 3A, 34-35 Hatton Garden, Holborn, London, EC1N 8DX



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